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Sussex Tamarisk

Sussex Tamarisk

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The designs on each cushion cover are selected from unique tree bark textures, photographed by Marty Lowell. Each cushion tells a story …..

Some trees have what it takes to live in harsh windswept environments near the sea.    This Tamarisk tree is one of a long line growing close to the seafront in Goring, West Sussex, England.   The flowing lines of the bark of these trees is hardly noticed because they are so small.     I thought there might be something of interest in them and when I enlarged the photos the beauty emerged.     Botanical name - Tamarix ramosissima

Available in 2 sizes - 17.7 x 17.7 Inches (45cm x 45 cm) or 23.6 x 23.6 Inches (60cm x 60cm) These cushion covers are handmade in the United Kingdom from a hypo-allergenic vegan suede fabric and are delightfully soft to the touch.  They are printed with the same design on both sides.   This is a cushion cover only.  They arrive without the cushion inside so you can fill them with a cushion you already have or with a new cushion filler with the soft or firm material you prefer.



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