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Mount Etna Zappinazzu

Mount Etna Zappinazzu

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The designs on each cushion are selected from unique tree bark textures, photographed by Marty Lowell. Each cushion tells a story …..

“Zappinazzu” is the name of the oldest Pine tree on Mount Etna, Sicily.   Some volcanos erupt just from the crater at the top.   Etna is of a different type and eruptions can happen high up and lower down from locations all over the mountain.     The forest where this tree stands has been undisturbed for hundreds of years and “Zappinazzu” is a glory to behold.   Botanical name - Pinus nigra    

Available in 2 sizes - 17.7 x 17.7 Inches (45cm x 45 cm) or 23.6 x 23.6 Inches (60cm x 60cm) These cushion covers are handmade in the United Kingdom from a hypo-allergenic vegan suede fabric and are delightfully soft to the touch.  They are printed with the same design on both sides.   This is a cushion cover only.  They arrive without the cushion inside so you can fill them with a cushion you already have or with a new cushion filler with the soft or firm material you prefer.



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